Positive Behaviour 4 Learning


Berni (Custom).jpgPositive Behaviour 4 Learning is our behaviour management programme at St Bernard's.  It has as its premise that behaviour is all we do.  Every action we take and  every word we speak is behaviour.

Positive Behaviour 4 Learning is concerned with teaching the children the expected behaviour for different situations.  There is no guessing as to what is expected and the children know how to behave.

The BERNIs are the expectations we use within the school and they are the keystones of our  Positive Behaviour 4 Learning Programme. 

BERNI is an acronym for

Be Safe,
Encouraging Words, ​
Respect All, ​
Nurture Excellence,
Invite and Include. 

    •  Expectations are taught weekly. 
    •  BERNI Awards presented at Assembly  for children's efforts within the  class 
    •  BERNI stars are handed out to catch children making positive choices. 

Support Documents:

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct BERNI

Student Behaviour Support Plan​