premiers reading chal.pngPremier's Reading Challenge

The school in currently undertaking the Premier's Reading Challenge..  It is an annual statewide initiative for state and non-state schools.  The Premier's Reading Challenge aims to improve literacy and encourage children to read for pleasure and learning.  In 2017, over 155,000 young Queenslanders from 850 schools and 410 early childhood centres took part in the challenge reading a total of 2.16 million books.

The Premier's Reading Challenge is not a competition but a way to encourage students to develop a love of reading for life. Through the challenge children and students are given an opportunity to develop their appreciation of the English language, and additional languages, and are encouraged to explore and enjoy a wide range of literary texts.

Children and students who complete the challenge have their efforts recognised through the receipt of a Certificate of Achievement signed by the Premier of Queensland.

What to Read

For a student to successfully complete the Premier's Reading Challenge they are required to read or experience the number of books indicated in the table below. Experiencing a book includes classroom or at home activities such as shared reading, listening and reading along with a book, or being read to.

Year level

Number of books

Prep - Year 2

Read or experience 20 books

Years 3 – 4

20 books

Years 5 – 6

15 books

The requirement for Year 5 through to Year 6 students to read 15 books rather than 20 books acknowledges that older students are likely to select longer, more complex books that may take them longer to read.
Students are encouraged to select a range of fiction and non-fiction books suited to their reading ability. While there is no compulsory reading list for the challenge, booklists are available to help students, teachers, parents and guardians select appropriate reading material.
If you wish your child to participate please ask your teacher for the form or drop into the library.  The library has purchased over $600 worth of books from the recommended reading list.



21 May 2018

Reading period commences

24 August 2018

Reading period finishes
Student reading record forms submitted to schools.

7 September 2018

All reading data must be finalised in the database Certificate of Participation available for download.

October 2018

Certificates of Achievement issued.

Look at all the new books we bought for the challenge

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Books that every child should read as part of every childhood.