​​Effective home-school communication supports your child’s learning.

Meeting with Staff

All administration and teaching staff are available, upon appointment, to meet with parents to discuss your child’s progress.​

Classroom related matters are referred to the Class Teacher. Whole school related matters are referred to the Principal or the Assistant Principal Religious Education.

School Newsletter

Our newsletter is a vital form of communication between home and school, serving to strengthen our partnership in the education of your child. You can register through the office to be added to our newsletter list or here. ​​

BCE App​

THE BCE CONNECT MOBILE APP makes it easy for you to keep up with school events and information.  

BCE Connect allows us to send announcements as a push notice to anyone who has installed the app and selected   St Bernard’s and saved as a Favourite, for example a bus running late from an excursion.  Make sure you have notifications enabled on your device for the app when you install it.

The push notification feature may be used to send an emergency announcement or to highlight an important message.  The notification presents on a mobile device like a SMS text message.  You do not have to open the app to see the notification.

The “My Students” tile will give parents access to reports, enrolment details and student absence.  This last feature will replace our absentee phone line.  Other features include newsletters, school forms and events.

The best experience is if you log into the App, which is done with the same username and password as the Parent Portal, the App will enable you to stay logged in for up to a year.

Use the feedback tool in the app if you want to send a suggestion or let us know what you’d like in the app.

BCE Connect, is now available to download from:
·         Google play store
·         Apple App Store 
Search for BCE Connect.​

Parent Portal

Access is restricted to parents of students at our school and a logon is required. An account has been created for you and the details are outlined below.

The Parent Portal will enable easy access to information about happenings in the school, forms that need to be returned, names and contact details for staff, policy information and much more.

There’s also a special section to allow you to check the details we have recorded in our enrolment system about your children, and if necessary, advise us of any changes.

You can also check on information about your child’s attendance, teachers, timetable, NAPLAN performance and report cards.

We will be making increasing use of the Parent Portal to provide a range of information to parents in the future.

The initial login requires you to verify your identity and setup a password. This document will run you through the process.



When a child is absent from school, please notify the school via the BCE App,​ a courtesy note to the class teacher is both appreciated and expected upon the child’s return.

The school office can be contacted on ​email to the school