Parental participation

 We believe education begins at home and the family is the first “educator” of children.

We acknowledge that children are a precious gift and families honour us, as they entrust their children into our care to guide and support their learning and development.IMG_9448 (Custom).JPG

To provide an effective education for each child, there needs to be a partnership between teachers and families – one based upon honest, open communication and mutual support. We invite families to choose from a large range of possibilities in order to form this partnership.

Parental involvement across these options helps strengthen the bond between home and school. Children respond positively to seeing their families involved and the establishment and development of open lines of communication is greatly enhanced.


As part of our School Policy it is compulsory that all volunteers MUST complete the Student Protection . This allows volunteers to help throughout our children’s schooling with activities and events such as Reading, Motor Program, Swimming, Excursions etc.

A link has been placed on our school website with regard to Student Protection Parent Volunteer requirements.  Parents are encouraged to complete this training.  It can be located in the ABOUT tab under Student Protection.   Once parents have completed the online training the certificate showing that this training has been completed needs to be run off, signed, and handed into the office. ​

Your participation and involvement in your child’s education could include the following:

  • Praying with your child at home
  • Celebrating your faith with your child in your faith tradition at your local place of celebration/worship
  • Participating in class/whole school liturgies/Assemblies
  • Reading to/with your child
  • Acting as Class Convenor
  • Discussing the day’s events with your child
  • Helping your child with home studies
  • Becoming involved in our Parents and Friends Association and/or Pastoral School Board
  • Participating in working bees at the school or parish
  • Assisting in the tuckshop
  • Participating in parent information evenings
  • Participating in parent/teacher conferences
  • Assisting in classroom, physical education and sport programs
  • Participating in consultation processes and Policy development


Remember, the more you participate in your child’s education, the more they will get out of it – and the more you will enjoy it too.