School Uniform

​​​Wearing a school uniform is an important part of creating a sense of community, as well as a sense of identity for students as part of the school community.School Uniform.JPG

Wearing our school uniform contributes in a meaningful way to ensuring each student has pride in being a member of the St Bernard’s Catholic School community.

Uniform and Personal Appearance Policy

St Bernard’s has a strict uniform and grooming policy. We suggest you read our full School Uniform and Personal Appearance Policy .To make sure lost clothing and other personal effects are returned to you, please ensure all items of clothing and other personal effects are clearly marked with your child’s name.

School Uniform Shop

School uniforms are available to buy both new and second hand only from the School Uniform Shop,

Click for Uniform Shop Order 

The uniform shop is open:​ via email​ ​

Sun Smart Policy

For your child’s health, the Queensland Health Council strongly recommends the wearing of hats.

St Bernard’s also has a SunSmart policy, which requires students to wear hats for ALL outdoor activities throughout the year. Please read our policy so you know what is expected of your child.

Adhering to this policy will ensure healthy skin for your child for the future.


Thongs may not be worn to, from, or at school. On school swimming days, suitable foot wear is brought to school and worn from the classroom to the pool and back. Children must then change back into their school shoes and socks on return to school.

Parents are responsible for ensuring that children conform to the school uniform regulations.

Should there be any serious reason why a child cannot wear the uniform at any time, a note must be forwarded to the class teacher.