If one can think back 20 years there are many, many activities which were very generalised / local.  Our world revolved more around our local area whereas today we have immediate access to world-wide knowledge.

Mobile phones were not much smaller than a brick, the internet was in its infancy, and social media communication was non-existent.

Today, instead of just living in a local community, we live in a world village with information available at our finger tips.  We can fill our homes with food and goods without going out the front door.  We can talk to our friends far away while being able to see their faces.  We have the ability to view multiple programs on split screens, along with many other benefits.

Yet while we have incredible digital access to improve our world we also can unwittingly put ourselves in a vulnerable position without realising it.  While we are very protective of our homes ensuring that intruders are not able to easy enter our property we often do not put secure practices into place with regard to allowing intruders into our digital ‘home’.  We would not dream of leaving our front door open for anyone and everyone to enter our home to steal or offend yet we frequently leave our homes open to unwelcome digital visitors.

At school the students are continually taught about digital safety yet there is a very common response that nothing will happen to them.  Responsible digital citizenship is taught but frequently not put into practice.  That is for someone else.  To try and get the message across to students in the upper year levels they were involved in a session at the end of last week regarding safe digital use.

For parents there will be a session next Thursday evening commencing at 7:00 p.m..  While digital invitations have already been forwarded to parents/carers please take this as an additional invitation to this important event.  Please respond to this invitation so that seating in the Aspinall Centre can be organised.  Many thanks to Ms Fowler and Mr Devereaux for organising this very informative event.