Minasan, Konnichiwa! (Hello, everyone).

Students from Year 4 to 5 have just begun their journey learning Japanese this term. We are practicing greetings and counting 1-10 in Japanese right now. We are learning about Japanese culture as well as language.

At the start of the term, students learned about the 12-year periodic cycle of animals and a folktale behind it. 2021 is a year of ox, so students designed a calendar with pictures of oxen.

In Week 6 Year 5 and 6 students learned about a special event called Hina matsuri known as dolls’ festival. On 3rd of March, people in Japan celebrate the day, wishing girls’ happiness and good health. Family with girls usually display a set of traditional dolls, the emperor and the empress and have special sushi. In Japanese lesson, students enjoyed some art and craft for Hina matsuri. Girls tried on traditional Japanese summer dress called yukata.

Japanese newsletter in Sway

I will share Japanese games and songs we use in class and some information about Japan and Japanese culture in monthly Japanese newsletter.

Yuko Sensei