Next Monday the middle and upper year levels will participate in their annual swimming carnival at Hibiscus Pool, Klumpp Road.  This will be an opportunity for students to display their improvement in swimming while gaining points for their house colour.  Parents are most welcome to attend this day-long (and noisy) event to cheer their children as they compete. 

Students have practiced the events during class yesterday and last week. Students may swim all four strokes but need to choose one distance only. Those swimmers who would like to try for the zone team will need tom swim 50 mt events as there are no 25mt events in the carnival.  Students also swim in the race according to the year of birth eg those born in 2008 swim with other students born in 2008.

All swimmers must swim with their swim cap and sunshirt. We would encourage students to use a swim cap of their house colour. Sports hats with the house colour are also encouraged. These hats are easy to wear, remain on the head when running, and are easy to put in the bag when not in use. All students will walk to and from the pool with their hats on. The school shop has a great arrangement of our school sports hats. These will also be very useful on Gala days and the cross-country and athletic carnival days when students are running around during their team sports and races  and must have a hat on for play.

ZONE SWIMMING Our zone team will be selected from the results of the swimming carnival. The team will compete at Zone 2 carnival on Friday March 17th at Chandler swim complex. This is always an exciting day for the team. ‚Äč