Visible Learning

​​​​​​Visible learning is all about children taking ownership for their learning.

Visible Learning is the result of the research undertaken by John Hattie to understand what provides the most success in learning.  It is based on over 68,000 studies and 25 million students.  John Hattie defines Visible Learners as students who can:

  • Articulate what they are learning
  • Explain the next steps in their learning
  • Set learning goals
  • See errors as opportunities for further learning
  • Know what to do when they are stuck
  • Seek feedback

As a staff we have spent time actively discussing what the dispositions are that students need to be successful learners.  We decided on the following:  management, innovation, ownership, persistence and reflection.  To make them more interesting, we devised them as Super Powers. 


Students also need to know what they are learning, and what is needed in the task to make them successful. These are known as :

Learning Intentions  or WALT (We are learning to....)


Success Criteria   or WILF  (What I'm looking for....)

We believe that our students can embrace learning challenges by developing a Growth Mindset which sets them on the road to reach even higher levels of achievement.Growth Mindset (Custom).jpg

Positive learning dispositions


Growth Mindset


Successful Learners!

To view the PowerPoint that was presented at our Visible Learning Information Parent sessions, please click on the link to open: Visible Learning at St Bernards Parent Info.ppsxVisible Learning at St Bernards Parent Info.ppsx

  Visible Learning at St Bernard's



 There are many resources to support parents and teachers to implement Visible Learning successfully. 

Here are just a few:

5 Parenting Strategies to Develop a Growth Mindset

The Learning Myth

Professor Carol Dweck 'Teaching a growth mindset'

Videos to watch with the children:

"Never Say Can't" - Jennifer Bricker

One Thousand Steps

Keep Moving Forward - Meet the Robinsons

​ ​