Recent Media Focus

In the past few weeks there has been much media coverage regarding cyber-bullying and face-to-face interactions.  The latest media push is for schools to take on the responsibility of educating students to use technology safely and appropriately.  At St Bernard’s this happens all the time – but it is up to the students to put what they have been taught into practice.  Students need to take heed of what they have been taught and to act responsibly.  Interestingly, media reports note that the majority of inappropriate actions occur out of school hours.

While the focus is on inappropriate actions and inappropriate use of technology there appears to be a much larger issue regarding a lack of respect for others and an unwillingness for people to take responsibility for their actions.  It is not another person’s role to be the guardian or filter for someone – it is the person’s responsibility to be accountable for their actions and to be respectful of others – whether they can directly see them or not.

In a climate where there appears to be a swiftness to make a sharp reply if we all implemented the ‘R’ of our BERNI’s (Respect All) then we may experience a more settled environment where another is valued and respected.  When respect for another is ingrained in a person filtering of responses becomes automatic.  The issue of inappropriate comments and responses to another does not occur.