We had a wonderful visit from Star Lab where we were presented with ‘Cosmodome Science Theatre & Planetarium’ show, while the year 5s and 6 s enjoyed learning about space through virtual reality googles and the preps through 3 had fun with hands on Lego experiments. We experimented through fun hands activates and trial and error every afternoon and where surprisingly pleased with the innovations we came up with. Also, a big congratulations to the families that presented science projects – they were a great joy to learn about!  Please see the attached photos.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Theresa Cummings for all the fabulous work she did to organise such a great week. Above and beyond the call of duty, not only did she put in hours of work but she also drove two hours just to pick up the Spheros for the children to experience them.

This week at STEM club children were looking at working as a team to create a satellite that could avoid incoming asteroids or space junk. It was a great activity that required a sound level of engineering and programming to complete.


stem a.png