Pastoral Care

​​Pastoral Care forms an integral part of the ministry of healing exercised by and through the Church and consequently, by St Bernard’s School.  It gives witness to our charism elements of Stewards of Creation and Community and Embrace Challenges with Wisdom and Compassion.

​​What is pastoral care​

It is our belief that pastoral care is a shared responsibility involving each member of the school community in caring and in being cared for and that a sound pastoral program should provide, either by direct intervention, or through a clearly defined referral process, for:

  1. The physical, emotional, social, spiritual, moral and academic well-being of students.
  2. Pastoral care and guidance, career and personal development and a safe, supportive work environment for staff.                                                                                         
  3. Pastoral care and support for families, especially for the parenting role, based on a Christian understanding of the family.

In all sensitive pastoral care situations, confidentiality will be maintained unless by prior, mutual agreement or there is serious concern for the immediate safety and well-being of an individual.

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Pastoral care initiatives

Our pastoral care program includes the following types of initiatives:

  • A buddy system supporting children in the early years
  • The development and implementation of policies (for example: Enrolment Policy, Anti-bullying Policy, Keeping Safe Program, Grievance Policy) designed to ensure the safety and well-being of all and to provide them with a means of redress should harm occur
  • Positive Behaviour 4 Learning programme
  • Affirmative action programs such as Student of the Week Awards, BERNI Star Card System
  • Mediation (provided by Administration Team)
  • Counselling and resilience skills building (provided by Guidance Officer)
  • An “open door” policy towards all on the part of the Leadership Team
  • Liaison with the Parish Pastoral Care Team and the local chapter of the St Vincent de Paul Society