Enrolment Information

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St Bernard’s provides educational opportunities to students from varying cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and faith traditions, whose families demonstrate they share in the expressed values of the school.

St Bernard’s Catholic School is committed to supporting each child’s development in an environment founded upon Christian values and aims to ensure success for all learners.

Guided by its mission and vision, St Bernard’s Catholic School furthers the educational mission of the church as a part of the St Bernard’s parish community.


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Enrolling ‘the family’

St Bernard’s Catholic School recognises the role of parents, care-givers and families as the primary educators of their children.

The school works in partnership with parents/care-givers and families to share the responsibility of nurture the development of each student and to provide an authentic experience of Catholic community.

In partnership with St Bernard’s Parish, the school is committed to providing high quality inclusive schooling as a visible expression of the mission of the parish. In keeping with this ethos, St Bernard’s Catholic School seeks to enrol ‘the family’.

Sharing our values

A guiding principle of St Bernard's is to meet the needs of all children and all families, in accordance with our Enrolment Policy.  Enrolments are offered to Catholic families and families of other faiths who share in the values, vision and mission of St Bernard’s Parish Community. Addtionally, special consideration may be given for enrolment under compassionate grounds.

All enrolments are conducted in accordance with Brisbane Catholic Education policy to ensure a fair and just inclusive education for all..​

For more details about enrolling your child at St Bernard’s, please read our Enrolment Policy