​​Here's what people have to say about our school

Throughout the year we are able to gauge how our school is perceived by the students, the families, the staff and the wider community through surveys.​​​

One of the most valuable sources of information is the review of our School Renewal Plan. This process provided us with feedback as to how we are progressing in relation to our plan and which areas we still needed to develop and expand.

Some of the comments received during our School renewal review process included:

  • There was much positive feedback relating to the focus on the development of students holistically, without a narrow focus on just academic abilities.
  • Positive feedback was received about the breadth of learning activities and the continual process of endeavouring to make them contemporary and relevant to today’s social environment.


Other sources of feedback come in the form of regular surveys, discussions and anecdotal interactions. Some of these are listed here:

  • “My kids have loved St Bernard's. The teachers and the pupils have made it a very special place to go to school”
  • "The Mother’s Day Liturgy was moving and truly celebrated the role of the mother in the family"
  • “Teachers are very approachable.”
  • “Thank you for the wonderful school that you brought to me and it is a wonderful school and I love it a lot!” (A Year 3 student)
  • "The teachers at St Bernard's genuinely care about the students."
  • “Overall, the progress of our school should be congratulated to those involved. Great work!”
  • “School very supportive to students”
  • “Teachers warm, friendly, personalised feel”
  • “I wish to thank all those involved with the band, for the wonderful work they do and to St Bernard’s for giving our children the opportunity of a music program”
  • “Comfort and safety for students, nice environment, ideal sized school
  • “Extremely happy with teachers caring and motivated methods of learning and always having insight to new learning techniques and adapting and nurturing each student”
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