​​​​Sisters of St Joseph

​​St Bernard's was founded by the Sisters of St Joseph and continues to foster the Sisters of St Joseph Charism. This means:

  • Everything we do is an example of the way of life that we want to live and model to our children.
  • It is our pathway through which we interpret and give witness to Jesus Christ who is at the centre of all we do.

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  • It is our Spiritual Energy.

Guiding Statement

  • We are a community o​​f faith, compassion and service, living lives that show God's love to all.

Sisters of St Joseph Charism is lived out through our actions and Ethos which has six elements.

Dignified Relationships

  • As a Catholic education  community we believe that the person is at the heart of Christ’s teaching.  We believe that we are made in the image of God and understand our compassion and  kindness most deeply in our relationships with other people.

Active Believers

  • We are Active Believers in the teachings of Jesus.   We see God as forever present to others i.e. we are God to others.

Embrace challenges with wisdom and compassion

  • Life is difficult and our role as a lifelong learning community is to teach and help children develop their own wisdom in a kind-hearted way.

Stewards of Creation and Community

  • Following our Catholic tradition as active disciples of Jesus we care for our world and each other with justice and compassion.

People of Prayer

  • As People of Prayer we are called to the presence of God who is our hope and strength.

Heart, Mind & Spirit at Work

  • As a community we work to open our heart to all people and to celebrate our range of cultures.
  • We are mindful of anticipating the needs of others, to ensure everyone is included.
  • As people of Spirit we continue St Bernard’s devotion to Mary, the Mother of God.

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