​​At St Bernard’s School we endeavour to provide a healthy range of food to our students. Our carefully chosen menu aims to encourage our students to take a balanced healthy approach to eating, now and in the future.

How to order from the Tuckshop

At St Bernard’s IT has been embedded across the school, including the Tuckshop.  Our Tuckshop uses an online ordering system, as it is fast and easy for parents/carers to place an order. It also saves the Tuckshop time with spare change and organisation of brown bags.

On smart phones, please download the app:

Order online via QKR app from iTunes qkr.JPGor Google Play for android devices

For those without access to a smart phone, a web-based version of QKR is available at:


How To Guide

We understand that life can be chaotic! If you are unable to order online you may use a brown paper bag with your child’s name, class and order information. It would be preferable if you could include the correct change, any leftover change will be placed inside the bag.

  • ​Tuckshop is held each  WEDNESDAYand FRIDAY.
  • All orders need to be placed on Tuesday and Thursday before 9am.

Tuckshop Procedure

  • When the bell rings for lunch, a student from each class will retrieve the orders from the tuckshop in their class box.
  • The students will then have eating time to enjoy the food.

Tuckshop volunteering

Tuckshop is a fun and friendly environment and is a great way to meet other parents, teachers and students. You don’t need experience, just enthusiasm and energy.

If you are considering acting as a volunteer, please refer to our Student Protection Handbook and complete the relevant documents.

For Help please email our Convenor Allison Blazak