School Profile


​St Bernard's School - Catholic Education Community

Is located at Upper Mt Gravatt 11 km, South, South East from the CBD and adjacent to Clairvaux MacKillop Catholic High School.

Currently, the school enrols approximately 220 students from Prep to year 6 from diverse multicultural and faith communities. 

Through the combination of living out the Gospel values and well established Positive Behaviour 4 Learning (engagement) Programme, St Bernard's ensures optimal learning is maximized through positive student engagement.

Focusses directly on the needs of the individual through the creation of flexible differentiated curriculum plans. Has a​ dedicated, research driven,  play based approach to Prep and Year 1-2. ​

​Embeds Information and Communication Technologies (digital literacies) throughout all learning.

Additionally, has a dedicated enhancement and enrichment programme to support the individual needs of students to ensure they reach their potential. 

Provides opportunities for instrumental music/band program, junior and senior choir, netball, touch football, cross-country training, interschool sports, school camp, and a well embedded leadership and formation programme.


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