​Mothers' Day

Mother's Day is celebrated on the Friday closest to Mothers's Day.  We gather for a Prayer Celebration and then treat the Mums to a morning tea.  A memorable part of the prayer is the talk given by a grandmother and mother on what it means to be a mother.


Fathers' Day

Father's Day is celebrated on the Friday closest to Father's Day.  We gahter for prayer and then the mothers of the school treat the dads and children to a hot breakfast.  At this prayer we hear from a grandad and a dad about their experiences of Fatherhood.

Harmony Day

​Each year the school celebrates diversity and difference across the world and throughout our rich Catholic Education Community.

Anzac Day and ​Remembrance Day


Both days are celebrated with reverence and respect with whole school Liturgies of the Word.

Big Day Out 

This day is an opportunity for the Senior Years to learn about Christian Leadership. Usually held at - 17 Mile Rocks Park.