Hearts full of compassion


This year we invite all to explore our story as we unpack the value of Compassion. 

At St Bernard’s, we are not just a school; we are a welcoming community bound together by a rich tapestry of faith, love, and learning. From prayerful moments woven into daily routines to special events that celebrate our Catholic identity, we are committed to nurturing the spiritual development of each student, fostering a deep connection with God and a genuine love for others.

The St Bernard’s story is founded on the charism of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. A charism is like a living gift. It is a way of living or doing, inspired by Jesus and linking us to God. As we journey together this year, we hope that we will all develop a deeper appreciation of how Mary MacKillop, and her life of compassion, can impact each of us and the lives of all in our community.

This year, the symbol of the heart will remind us that just like Mary MacKillop, we are called to have hearts full of compassion.